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Phone Support: 417-712-3329
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Phone Support: 417-712-3329
What You Can Expect With Our Tea:

  • Great Taste and Aroma
  • Each Bag Makes 2 Cups of Tea
  • 100% Natural & Caffeine Free
  • Calming and Relaxing

"It really couldn't get any better"

I was skeptical at first, but within 30 mins of drinking the tea my stomach bloat and cramping started getting better. Love this stuff!

"Never thought I'd be a Tea person..."

The price of the tea is amazing for what you get. Way better than Tums or other antacid options that don't really work. And it actually tastes and smells great.

"Best $20 I spend each month"

Tried making the tea myself the first time, and it was more expensive to make it myself than to just buy it online. It really is a great deal and it works. 

"Every step was really easy..."

I make the tea myself, and to save on cost, I buy a bunch at one time and mix a large batch to keep the cost down because I drink it so much its worth it! Whether you make it or buy it online, just get it! It's a life saver and it's tasty, but it just makes your stomach feel so good.